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Reasons Why Our Pets Make Us Thankful This Thanksgiving

We made a list of five reasons why our pets make us thankful, but we could have itemized a list of over one hundred examples of why pets are great. There are so many reasons why we love our furry family members; they enhance our lives on a daily basis. Here are a handful of examples why you should bring grateful energy to your pet this holiday season:

1. Companionship – The whole reason dogs were bred years ago was to serve as loyal companions to their owners. And who doesn’t love to have their cat hop up onto their lap to be petted or hear their happy, soothing “purr”? With the current state of the world, we face challenges with the pandemic and increased isolation, yet our pets give us unconditional love and purpose. They are a constant, reliable friend that keeps us grounded among an ever-changing world. What a reason to be thankful!

2. Health – It’s likely that you’ve seen plenty of articles about how pets make us healthier. We just blogged about this last month ourselves. Our pets tend to get us outside, socializing more and help to decrease our stress. Pets can have an impact on everything from our mental health, physical health, emotional health to our immune system. Whatever your ailment(s) may be, part of your prescription could include your beloved pet.

3. Happiness – We wouldn’t have pets if they didn’t make our lives better and they didn’t make us happier, would we? They are always delighted to see us. Pets bring joy to our lives and smiles to our faces. We love getting videos from family and friends of their pets doing cute, funny or even ridiculous things. As humans, we universally enjoy animals. Why else would we revel in videos of stranger’s pets on social media? Some of these videos end up with millions of views. Amazing! Pets connect us to the world and each other in a positive way. What a blessing in these times!

4. Adventure – Our furry family members break up the monotony of our day-to-day lives just by being themselves. The person we met out on a dog walk, the cat with wild eyes watching the mouse move back and forth on the computer screen, a dog doing circuits around the house after a bath, the parrot that learned a new phrase… there aren’t many dull moments with a pet in the home.

5. Security – Pets make us feel more calm, relaxed, safe and secure. Having your cat snuggle with you in a painful moment after losing a job, or knowing that your dog will alert you to an intruder in the middle of the night… these connections to our pets make us feel safe and cared for in the right moments.

The relationship we have with our pet is unlike any other we have in this world. They are blessings to our lives, and we can rest assured that they will love us unconditionally all of their days. They don’t hold grudges. They don’t judge. Let’s all take a moment to do something a little extra for our pet(s) this week. They deserve it!


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