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How to Pick the Right Veterinarian

Once you make the big decision to add a pet to your family, one of the next big decisions is choosing the right veterinarian. After all, you want a provider that is gentle, caring, available, dependable and possesses the expertise and skills to care for your little guy or girl. There are likely a lot of options. How do you choose?

Here are a few tips:

Ask Around

Chances are, many of your local friends and family members have pets and can give you recommendations. Unbiased, first-hand feedback is a great way to get a good picture of what the experience is like from one provider to the next. While you hear their stories, ask about the items that are most important to you. Is it convenience? Location? Skill level? Affordable pricing? Availability to get your pet in in a pinch? Company culture? Personality? Strive to match your top priorities with the provider.

Research Online

While hearing personal experiences are very insightful, there’s also a lot you can learn online. Check out the different personalities of each provider by perusing Google, provider websites, reviews and social media pages like Instagram and Facebook. Some of them will naturally draw you in. And what’s even better is if the providers that attract you online are also the providers your network has recommended.

Make Some Calls

Once you have narrowed down your search to a couple of options, call and chat with them. Inquire about their approach to caring for your pet or even more specifically, your pet’s breed. Ask about the skill level and licensed staff or technicians. Confirm what you’ve learned about their pricing and availability. The experiences you have through interactions on the phone will also be insightful as you get closer to deciding on a provider.

Once you have made a decision, and your pet has their first appointment, make note of the items that were most important to you and determine if your experience matches up. Is the building clean? Do they care about you and your pet’s comfort? Are they willing to explain things to you? Did they take time with you or did you feel rushed? If something feels significantly off from your expectations, you may want to evaluate another option.

Our pets have no idea the lengths that we go to give them a great life. But, they definitely deserve every bit of it!


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