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Hi! I am glad you are here! I am so fortunate to be able to take care of amazing pets throughout the day. People give me the keys to their home and trust me

with their fur babies – something I do not take lightly.


I have a big heart and passion for animals and animal rights and genuinely love spending time with my furry friends. I live in Lacey, WA with my incredible Fiancé and three quirky cats. 


I have worked in the pet industry in various roles for 14 years as a veterinarian assistant/surgery tech, zookeeper to exotic animals such as grey wolves, red panda's, reptiles, white tailed deer, and camels, and at a boarding facilities taking care of various animals. Animals have always played a significant role in my personal life and is a passion of mine that stemmed from when I was young, which is why I chose to pursue a college degree focused on animals. 


I am an NDSU graduate with a degree in Biological Sciences with a minor in Zoology and emphasis in Animal Behavior and Animal Conservation. One day I hope to open my own animal rescue facility to help care for and advocate for animals who do not have their own voices. 

We have a 11-year-old cat named Ike who loves his giraffe support stuffed animal, treats, basking by the fireplace, sleeping in his cat tower baskets and any type of toy ball he can get his paws on.


Baxter, our 8-year-old cat has an incredible story. I took him in when he was a day old after a relative found him on her doorstep. He taught me so much about hand raising an animal and all the love, attention, and responsibility it takes to ensure their survival. It was touch and go for a while, but here we are 8 years later, and he is a healthy, happy, amazing cat. He loves his cardboard boxes, tunnels, bird watching, and of course.... the magical cat nip.


We adopted our third cat Cleo as a kitten 6 years ago. She is a sassy Siamese and loves her feather cat wand toys, fluffy blankets, her daddy, and you guessed it... the magical cat nip. 


I grew up with an Old English Bulldog named Lulu and a Pitbull named Roxie, 6 Tree Frogs, 2 Fire Bellied Toads, many fish, and a Hamster named Jimmy. Through them I learned how to handle large breeds, as well as read different dog behaviors, but most importantly they taught me how special all dog breeds.


Like most pet owners, we notice changes in our cat's/dog's mood and personalities when we must be away from home. In Cleo's case, she has separation anxiety and stress eats. So, I understand how important it is to find a reliable, trusted person to care for our "children" when we are away. You can count on me to treat your pets like they are my own while in my care.


Feel free to reach out any time. I look forward to meeting you and your fur and reptilian babies!

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